Harpenden Child Contact Centre is always interested in hearing from people who feel they can spare the time to volunteer and help us and the children and parents that we support. If you wish to volunteer please contact the Coordinator at the following address:

The Coordinator,
Harpenden Child Contact Centre,
c/o 65. High Street,


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Telephone: 07842 167767

Child Contact Centre volunteers need to be discreet, impartial, caring, enthusiastic, tolerant, reliable and sensitive; cheerful but not artificial, assertive but not dominant, reassuring, able to build relationships while remaining impartial, able to deal with difficult situations and with parents under stress, prepared to work as part of a team where people exchange information and support one another.

If you become a  volunteer, you will be joining a group of people whose work has made, and continues to make, a very real difference for a significant number of families throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

To learn more about becoming a Contact Centre Volunteer the NACCC has prepared the following leaflet


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