Frequently Asked Questions

What will I find there?

There is a reception area with a volunteer at the desk to register arrivals and departures and a waiting room for resident parents and children. The Contact Hall itself has a large play area equipped with a variety of toys, games and art materials. Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are available throughout the session. There will be four or five volunteers in the hall about twelve children and their non-resident parent. Non-resident parents may not leave the hall until the end of the session unless there is an agreement that a visit to the park is permitted..

Do I meet my ex-partner?

Not if you do not wish to. Let the Co-ordinator know and separate times of arrival and departure will be arranged.

Do the children and non-resident parent go out of the Centre?

That depends on the individual circumstances and on what has been agreed beforehand by the parents, in writing, or by the Court. However, going out of the Centre at some point is one of the goals we like parents to achieve once contact is seen to be progressing well.

Can I bring my present partner?

Unless specifically agreed by all concerned it is in the best interests of the children that your present partner does not come into the Centre.

What are the dates of opening?

Click on the following link to see details about where we are and when we are open.

What if I can’t come on a particular date?

If you find that you are unable to come as arranged, please let the Co-ordinator know by phoning 07842 167767 and, if necessary, leaving a message on the answer phone. If you can, please also try to contact your former partner in advance.

What does it all cost?

Nothing – there is no charge at any stage. However, as less than 30% of our running costs come from public funding, any voluntary donations towards running costs are always gratefully received.

Do the helpers make reports?

Absolute confidentiality is maintained by the helpers who do not provide reports for the courts. The only exception is if there is a safety issue in relation to a child or volunteers.

What do the helpers do?

The men and women who run the Centre each week are not Social Workers or legal advisors. They are unpaid and impartial volunteers who receive basic and ongoing training. Their role is to facilitate the smooth running of the Centre and to provide a neutral, welcoming and friendly environment for all involved parties.

What happens if I have a complaint?

Most complaints can be dealt with at the time. However, if you wish to make a complaint, please speak to the Coordinator.

Is there an information leaflet available?

We have prepared a leaflet aimed at people who may wish to use the centre. You can download the information leaflet here

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