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Harpenden Child Contact Centre offers supported contact – i.e. it is suitable for families where no significant risk to the child or those around the child have been identified. Our Centre caters for babies and children of up to about eleven years of age but is less suitable for children older than that. It is open on the second and fourth Saturdays each month between 1.00pm and 4.00pm.

Our telephone number is    07842 167767

The basic elements of our service are:

  • Warmth, friendliness and comfortable surroundings.
  • Impartiality
  • Staff and volunteers are available for assistance but there is no close observation, monitoring or evaluation of individual contacts/conversation.
  • Several families will be together in one large hall.
  • Encouragement for families to develop mutual trust.
  • No detailed reports made unless there is a risk of harm to children or others using the Centre.
  • We take the safeguarding of children at the centre very seriously.

Image of children with parents

Although there needs to be at least one parent with your child at all times while at the Centre, staggered arrival and departure times can be arranged so that you do not have to meet your ex-partner if you do not wish to.

A separate waiting room for resident parents and children is available. Resident parents may, if they wish, stay there while contact takes place.

The Contact Centre makes no charge at any stage, and tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits are also offered free of charge.


NACCC Accreditation

Over four thousand volunteers and staff work in Contact Centres throughout the UK, and over twenty thousand children use them each year. The Centres are overseen by the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC).

Harpenden Child Contact Centre is accredited with the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC). The NACCC accredited number is 1127/6

Charitable Status

Harpenden Child Contact Centre is registered with the Charity Commission and the charity number is 1116363.


A testimonial

“Thank you is not enough.  Not even close.  One year on, I can’t describe what it means to me to be able to say that HCCC set us up for what is now a better relationship than, at one time, I could have ever hoped for. You’re all very special people at a wonderful organisation!”


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